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Call boy Job Recruitment Apply

Here is Register Process to get the Genuine call boy Job At Your Prefer Location.

Playboyzjob welcomes you to Apply call boy jobs. Our service is available all over India in more than 18-20 cities. It is one of the best  trusted call boy service provider in India. we are providing our free service in 18-20 cities of India. if you are interested to apply this job then this is the best place for you. Here you can get an opportunity to meet high profile women or girls.

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Advantages of Callboy job

The callboy job applications profession offers a range of unique benefits that may appeal to individuals seeking a flexible and financially rewarding career. From financial stability to personal growth, the world of male escorting can offer an array of advantages that cater to various preferences and aspirations.

  • High Earning
  • Fulfill Sexual Desires
  • Enjoy time with hot females
  • Meet new people
  • Visit new places
  • Expensive gifts & Rewards

How To Apply For call boy job in India?

By joining a call boy service in India, you will able to earn a higher salary and fullfill your sexual desires through the high status women from your selected locations. By following the below steps, you can easily join the biggest call Boy service in India

  •  Fill out all your details in the registration form.
  • Verify your profile by using the Email verification link.
  • Upload at least 5-6 photos in your profile.
  • Contact our agent and share your ID card (Aadhar, voter id, passport or DL) for verification.
  • Pay the registration amount. (i.e Rs 2500/- for silver, Rs 5000/- for gold 10000/- for diamond)
  • Once We activate your profile clients can see your profile and contact details. After that they will contact you directly.
  • You can also contact our agents for any kind of help.
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Call boy job apply part time

Participating in call boy jobs part time offers the opportunity to earn additional income while enjoying a flexible schedule and fulfilling interactions. This role provides the chance to engage in rewarding experiences, such as offering companionship and personalized services, all within the confines of legal and ethical considerations.

Call boy job apply full time

Career as a call boy jobs full time opens the door to a financially rewarding and stable income. This profession provides the opportunity to cultivate a consistent and dependable source of earnings while engaging in meaningful and fulfilling interactions within the boundaries of legal and ethical standards.


How to Become a Call boy in india 2024 ?

The escort job profession offers a range of unique benefits that may appeal to individuals seeking a flexible and financially rewarding career.

There is some necessary requirement you must follow before sex call boy job apply :-

  • Age should be between 18yrs to 45 yrs.
  • Must know Hindi and English or Local Languages
  • Height should be between 5’5″ft. to 6’2″ft.
  • Weight should be between 60 kgs to 95 kgs.
  • Candidate should be well groomed and fit.
  • Candidate should be medically clean & Free from any contagious diseases.

How does a sexy call boy boy earn?

Morning Hours

During morning hours, the earnings for escorts job tend to be relatively lower compared to other shifts. This is attributable to a reduced demand from clients during these hours as opposed to the higher demand experienced during other parts of the day.

Night Hours

The demand for clients is significantly heightened during this particular shift in comparison to others, resulting in a correspondingly higher salary for  escorts job. Due to the increased demand, many escorts prefer working during these hours to capitalize on the greater earning potential.

Procedure to call boy job apply online

How to register call boy job application apply. generally requires a combination of effective communication skills, physical appeal, and a professional demeanor. Establishing a credible online presence, affiliating with reputable agencies, and engaging in networking activities are essential steps to build a clientele and ensure safety within the profession.

Finish Registration Now

Go through the Registration process and complete them, provide Your Personal document.


Select Your Membership

Choose a membership plan as your comfort. And your profile will be created .

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Arrange Client Meeting

After Completing You will Meet with Client


FAQ Call boy Jobs In India

We recommend you to make an appointment with our support team by just filling registration form. For any queary you may visit our office or you can directly contact our agents.

Who needs a sex boy?

Basically the married women, high profile girls who are n’t satisfied with their partner, nurses, doctors, some girls, and mostly high class women hires our Playboys.

Facilities You Get

No hidden charges no surprises, No agreement required to join with us, No LGBT clients no unsafe service, Our website is totally legal under Indian law.

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